The Face of a revolution at University of Konstanz

The film The Face of the Revolution will be shown on Tuesday, May 21, at the University of Konstanz, Germany.
University professor Tanja Zimmerman and film editor Nemanja Babic will speak about the film at the tribune after the screening. This film will complete a two-month program dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic. The program, which consists of a series of lectures, film screenings and talks, was organized by Radmila and Milos Krstajic and Aleksandar Savanovic, three PhD students from Serbia.

Here is what Radmila Krstajić, one of the organizers, says about the film itself:

“The face of the revolution is therefore interesting to us because it only deals indirectly with Djindjic, and in fact deals with broader issues about the outcomes of the “revolution” (October 5, Arab Spring), as well as the role of capital in the modern world. a lot of topics to talk about). Therefore, we contacted a professor of political science and a professor of Slavic studies, she actually deals with various issues that are addressed in contemporary literature and art, to talk to the author about the film after the screening. ”