Creative Europe MEDIA supports ‘Goodbye Beautiful’ documentary project

After being selected for the Balkan Documentary Center, IDF EX Oriente and EURODOC (regional group) training programs in 2019 and supported by Film Center of Serbia  for Project development (2019) and Co-financing of production (2020) the project of the feature-length documentary film Goodbye Beautiful by director and producer Vladimir Milovanović was supported in the competition of Single development  projects by the Creative Europe MEDIA program.

The film follows former WWII Yugoslav partisan boy soldiers Miša Mirković (90) and Zdenko Duplančić (91) who are trying to prevent the privatization and decay of the Memorial Complex “Boško Buha” dedicated to the young partisan soldiers, although under the highest protection of the state as a cultural asset of great importance, finds itself no more than a bankruptcy assets of a failed state company. Following their daily struggle, the film brings valuable insights into the life, death and treatment of anti-fascist heritage in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The sentimental history of Yugoslavia is told through the story of young partisan fighters and the cult that was created about them after WWII.

The film is produced by Propaganda Film, Akcija produkcija and Wolfgang & Dolly and the co-producers in the project development phase are Vladimir Milovanović, Jovana Karaulić, Tamara Babun and Katarina Stanković

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