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Only Girls Cry

At a school trip in Yugoslavia in 1989, elections for Class President are held among 10-year-old pupils under the supervision of their teacher. The film explores the relationship between political and romantic powerlessness.

Grand Prix at Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (2017)

Length: 22 min
Year: 2017
Cast: Andrej Lukić, Djordje Branković, Lola Vitasović, Milica Stefanović, Luka Živković, Andrija Korać, Marija Lero
Written, directed and edited by Vladimir Milovanović
Producer: Marija Stojanović
Cinematographer: Branimir Milovanović
Composer: Boris Mladenović
Production designer: Irena Marjanov
Costume designer: Milica Kolarić
Sound designer: Luka Jočić

Production companies: Propaganda Film & SENSE Production
In colaboration with Cinnamon Films


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